American First Editions
Bibliographic Check Lists of the Works of 146 American Authors

by Merle Johnson

From American First Editions R. R. Bowker Co., New York: 1932

Mary E(leanor) Wilkins Freeman

NOVELIST, poet and short story writer, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman was most concerned with the New England Scene, ranging from witchcraft to woolen mills.


Decorative Plaques. Boston [1883].
The Adventures of Ann. Boston [1886].
A Humble Romance. New York, 1887.
A New England Nun and Other Stories. New York, 1891.
The Pot of Gold and Other Stories. Boston [1892].
Young Lucretia and Other Stories. New York, 1892.
Giles Corey, Yeoman. New York, 1893.
Jane Field. New York, 1893.
Pembroke. New York, 1894.
  Advertisements have no reviews of this title. Biographical Edition, New York, 1899.
Comfort Pease and Her Gold Ring. New York and Chicago, 1895.
Madelon. New York, 1896.
Jerome, a Poor Man. New York, 1897.
Once Upon a Time, and Other Child Verses. Boston [1897].
Silence and Other Stories. New York, 1898.
The People of Our Neighborhood. New York [1898].
In Colonial Times. Boston [1899].
The Jamesons. New York, 1899.
The Heart's Highway. New York, 1900.
The Love of Parson Lord and Other Stories. New York, 1900.
Understudies. New York, 1901.
The Portion of Labor. New York, 1901.
Six Trees. New York, 1903.
The Wind in the Rose Bush and Other Stories of the Supernatural. New York, 1903.
The Givers. New York, 1904.
The Debtor. New York, 1905.
“Doc.” Gordon. New York, 1906.
By the Light of the Soul. New York, 1906.
The Fair Lavinia. New York, 1907.
The Shoulders of Atlas. New York, 1908.
The Winning Lady, and Others. New York, 1909.
The Green Door. New York, 1910.
The Butterfly House. New York, 1912.
The Yates Pride. New York, 1912
The Copy-Cat and Other Stories. New York, 1914.
An Alabaster Box. New York, 1917.
  With Florence Morse Kingsley.
Edgewater People. New York [1918].

The Best Stories of Mary E. Wilkins. New York, 1927.
  Edited and selected by Henry Wysham Lanier.