The Critic - A Humble Romance

From The Critic Vol. 14 No. 346 (Aug 16, 1890)

The Lounger

Of the more recent short story writers Mrs. Mary E. Wilkins has perhaps attracted the most attention. There are few books that have had the popularity of ‘A Humble Romance, and Other Stories.’ A year ago a friend of mine went to the Mercantile Library for the book, but forgot its name just as she was about to ask for it; so she said to the clerk: ‘I want a volume of short stories that every one is reading, but I have forgotten its name.’ ‘You mean Mary Wilkins's “Humble Romance,”’ said the clerk at once; adding that although they had bought an unusually large number of copies of the book, it was difficult to keep one on hand. Publishers will invariably tell you that short stories do not ‘pay.’ They don't — if they don't; and the same is true of novels; but sometimes they pay, and pay well.