The Critic - Pot of Gold Royalties

From The Critic Vol. 17 No. 528 (Apr 2, 1892)

Boston Letter

There has been a report circulated to the effect that the friends of Miss Wilkins were very much disturbed because she received no royalty on her book of short stories recently issued by D. Lothrop Co. They claim that such a royalty is her due, and that it was always expected by her, whenever the book should appear. On the other hand, the publishers maintain that the stories were fully paid for on their acceptance, and that the receipts covered not only the publication in magazine form but also in book form. They also hold that a number of the tales were accepted at a time when Miss Wilkins had yet to make her name, and that therefore their efforts at the beginning to push her work should be appreciated. Mr. Lothrop, however, just before his death, said that he intended to make Miss Wilkins an extra remuneration — not in the way of payment, but as a gift of appreciation, thus acting in the same spirit the Harpers had shown with Richard Henry Dana.