NYT Mar 8, 1906 Debtor

From New York Times (Mar 8, 1906)


Townspeople Think They Recognize Characters in Mrs. Freeman's Book.

Special to The New York Times.

NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J., March 7. — The best society of the Borough of Metuchen, near here, believes that Mrs. Mary Wilkins-Freeman, the author, has portrayed in her latest novel, “The Debtor,” some well-known persons of the borough. The scenes of the book, they are sure, are laid in New Jersey, and Metuchen people think Mrs. Freeman intended to describe places in and about the little borough.

One of the principal characters in “The Debtor” is a good natured and cultivated “dead beat,” and the guesses at his identity have not increased Mrs. Freeman's popularity with some of the townspeople.