NYT May 7, 1911 Biography

From New York Times (May 7, 1911)


A. J. S. — Will you kindly give me a short biography of Mary E. Wilkins, author of “The Portion of Labor,” and kindly let me know whether Henry Mills Alden to (whom the book is dedicated) is a literay man?

Mary E. Wilkins was born at Randolph, Mass., in 1862. In 1902 she married Dr. Charles M. Freeman of Metuchen, N. J. She is the author of “A Humble Romance,” 1887; “A New England Nun,” 1891; “Young Lucretia,” 1892; “Jane Field,” 1892; “Giles Corey,” 1893; “Pembroke,” 1894; “Madelon,” 1896; “Jerome,” 1897; “Silence,” 1898; “Evelina's Garden,” 1899; “The Love of Parson Lord,” 1900; “The Heart's Highway,” 1900; “The Portion of Labor,” 1901; “Understudies,” 1901; “Six Trees,” 1903; “The Wind in the Rose Bush,” 1903; “The Givers,” 1904; “Doc Gordon,” 1906, and “By the Light of the Soul,” 1907. “The Jamesons” and “People of Our Neighborhood” have been published serially in The Ladies Home Journal. Her home is in Metuchen, N. J. Henry Mills Alden is an author. He is editor of Harper's magazine. His home also is in Metuchen.