People Talked About

From Leslie's Weekly Volume LXXX No 2076 (June 27, 1895)

Miss Mary E. Wilkins is the fortunate possessor of the treasure with which the romantic novelist adorns his heroines, a wealth of beautiful golden hair, and it is of the real yellow golden hue which one seldom sees growing naturally on a woman's head. The distinguished novelist is very tiny in figure, and very shy and modest in manner. She cares little for the applause of the world; indeed, she seems hardly to know what to do with the fame that she has won. At a little distance one would take her for a shy and sensitive child who begs that she may not be pointed out to public notice, rather than for a successful authoress whose work is ranked by critics among the best of the century. Miss Wilkins was a student at Mount Holyoke College, and her home is in a small town in eastern Massachusetts, not far from Boston.