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Of Mary E. Wilkins (Freeman)

The majority of these files were typed in by hand from books in the possession of Jeff Kaylin. No page formating was preserved. Obvious typographical errors were fixed with no notice. Hypenated words at the end of the line were sometimes left as hypenated if that same word pair showed up later in the story as hyphenated. The intent is to be consistant throughout the story and book.

The files under the section of From Periodicals were either typed in by hand using the scanned images as provided by Cornell University (http://cdl.library.cornell.edu/) or possibly from text files generated by optical character recognition from Cornell University with a lot of reformatting and spell checking.

I believe the content of these files is in the public domain. It is my desire to have it all freely available. I also have small interest in long-term support of the files and am interested in another host for that support.

My HTML style:

The header is something I got from the Gonzaga web site. I am modifying it more and more. I'm not sure what it all means. In the body of the file, I use paragraph markers with closing paragraph markers. Each paragraph is a single line (no new lines or CRLF). I use the EMphasis marker instead of Italics. The empahsis is on the word only, unless there is an exclaimation mark, in which case it is also emphasized. Commas are followed by one space, periods are followed by two spaces unless it is an abbreviation mark. Semicolons are followed by one space as are colons. The biggest nightmare for those converting into another format is the special characters. For dashes I use the ampersand "mdash" followed by a semicolon. I also put a space before and after it, unless there is a quote, in which case the space is removed. Vowels with accents use the ampersand "acute" or "grave" markers. The vowel ligatures also use this format. Layouts for tables, or letters with signatures has been crudely attempted. Poetry has be formatted with breaks and nbsp. The really wierd stuff is really wierd. Luckily, most stories have nothing special in them, even emphasis.

10:36 AM 7/18/2003 My next thoughts are to remove the footers from all the files (links back to gonzaga). I'm also thinking about the words which were italic because they were foreign and not emphasized, and I will probably change those from "em" back to "i". When there is a quote inside a quote, I currently use the apostrophe key, but I'm thinking of replacing those with "lsquo" and "rsquo". If I get really motivated I may change all quotes to use the left and right marks.

8:45AM 7/14/2005 I have made the above changes, going to the double quotes "ldquo" and "rdquo". I am proofreading the Novels, going by date published and am on "The Shoulders of Atlas". I have also started on the collections of short stories, and am working on "Humble Romance". I am also collecting all files on one website http://user.comcast.net/~WilkinsFreeman/ and at some future date will stop support of the multi-site.

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