Other Stories from Books including stories of Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.

The Whole Family (Harper & Brothers 1907, 1908)

The Father by William Dean Howells 38KB
The Old-Maid Aunt by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman 41KB
The Grandmother by Mary Heaton Vorse 27KB
The Daughter-in-law by Mary Stewart Cutting 30KB
The School-girl by Elizabeth Jordan 31KB
The Son-in-law by John Kendrick Bangs 28KB
The Married Son by Henry James 59KB
The Married Daughter by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps 45KB
The Mother by Edith Wyatt 29KB
The School-boy by Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews 32KB
Peggy by Alice Brown 38KB
The Friend of the Family by Henry van Dyke 32KB

The Long arm and other detective stories (London: Chapman & Hall, 1895)

The Long Arm by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman 65KB Part I II III IV V VI
The Murder At Jex Farm by George Ira Brett 72KB
The Secret Of The Treaty by Roy Tellet 49KB Chapter I II III IV V
The Twinkling Of An Eye by Professor Brander Matthews 64KB Chapter I II III IV V

Three Short Stories Reproduced from Woman's Home Companion The Crowell & Kirkpatrick Co. New York: 1901

The Home-Coming of Jessica by Mary E. Wilkins 21KB
An Idyl Of Central Park by Brander Matthews 30KB
The Romance Of A Soul by Robert Grant 29KB

Miscellaneous Collections and Magazines

The Last Lesson by Alphonse Daudet 10KB
From A Book of Short Stories (D. Appleton and Company; New York: 1918)

The Minister by Annie Hamilton Donnell 20KB
From Quaint Courtships (Harper and Brothers Publishers; New York: 1900)

The Tucking-in of Elsie by Annie Hamilton Donnell 16KB
From The Girls' Own Annual (1917)