Mary E. Wilkins Freeman stories on Project Gutenberg.

with thanks to Andrew Sly for putting them there

Pembroke posted 12/31/2005
The Adventures of Ann posted 1/21/2006
By the Light of the Soul posted 1/21/2006
The Shoulders of Atlas posted 1/21/2006
Jane Field posted 2/18/2006
The Jamesons posted 2/19/2006
The Debtor posted 2/19/2006
The Heart's Highway Reposted 2/23/2006
Madelon posted 3/1/2006
Jerome, A Poor Man posted 3/1/2006
The Green Door posted 3/1/2006
Comfort Pease and Her Gold Ring posted 3/1/2006
Giles Corey, Yeoman posted 3/10/2006
The Portion of Labor posted 3/18/2006
An Alabaster Box posted 4/10/2006
The Butterfly House posted 4/12/2006

And some scanned books at

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Judith Lynn — Annie Hamilton Donnell
Three Short Stories (from Woman's Home Companion)
Christmas Carols and Midsummer Songs
Once Upon a Time and Other Child-Verses
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