Where to Start

A Gentle Ghost is one of my favorites, and has the typical feel of a MEWF short story. There is no need to say more about it.

The Reign of the Doll is my favorite. A really sweet story of reconciliation. This one has to do with a Doll, and sewing, and old-fashioned ideas.

For those looking for a Novel, I suggest “Doc.” Gordon. It is a Mystery, and a Love-Story, with a young doctor growing into responsibility as the old doctor seeks relief from the pathos of life. Another Novel is The Butterfly House, which is lighter, and quite silly.

A listing of “Last Lines” from her Short Stories. Watch out for a few stories from other authors who shared some collections.

About her style.

About her person.

A Short Biography.

About her stories.

More than you wanted to know!

Okay, I'm going to add another short-story: Criss Cross. It has a unique plot, and is precious too.

Also, A Discovered Pearl. Memorable.