Where to Start

A Gentle Ghost is one of my favorites, and has the typical feel of a MEWF short story. There is no need to say more about it.

The Reign of the Doll is my favorite. A really sweet story of reconciliation. This one has to do with a Doll, and sewing, and old-fashioned ideas.

For those looking for a Novel, I suggest “Doc.” Gordon. It is a Mystery, and a Love-Story, with a young doctor growing into responsibility as the old doctor seeks relief from the pathos of life. Another Novel is The Butterfly House, which is lighter, and quite silly.

About her style.

About her person.

A Short Biography.

About her stories.

More than you wanted to know!

Okay, I'm going to add another short-story: Criss Cross. It has a unique plot, and is precious too.

Also, A Discovered Pearl. Memorable.